Hormones in food – Which foods contain hormones

Hormones in food

The question of the content of hormones in food, It is acute, because hormones have a huge impact on our body. Read on and find out in what foods contain some hormones, and learn about artificial hormones.

Why use artificial hormones

Artificially hormones in animals administered very profitable for farmers, as it helps animals gain weight, as well as increase the amount of milk. Error injections of hormones in livestock and poultry are very common. This can be very dangerous to humans, animals, as well as the environment.

The role of hormones in the human

Hormones play a very important role for the proper functioning of various organs of humans and animals. The imbalance of the hormone may create many problems. Hormones is a certain kind of chemicals, which are naturally present in the human body. They are actually produced in very small quantities in a variety of hormone-producing organs, but their role is very significant in a variety of bodily functions, including reproduction, as well as the development and growth of the various parts of the body.

What are the different types of hormones

Hormones are basically two types of – steroids and protein. protein hormones, usually, produced in the stomach. These hormones lose their function, when we eat something, while steroid hormones are active only if, when we eat something. Because of this contradiction, protein hormones must be produced in the body in order, to function properly. There are several diseases, which are caused by the lack of some important hormones. for example, patients, suffering from diabetes, should be given insulin is a protein hormone.

Natural hormones in food

There are several natural hormones in food, that are very useful. Some plants contain certain hormone-like substances, called phytoestrogens (dietary hormones), which can lead to a number of violations, but also they also have medicinal properties. Phytoestrogens may protect against breast cancer. There are several studies, which point to a drop of phytoestrogens level. When female rats fed izoflavonidami, this effect on various physical dysfunction, such as irregular menstruation in female rats and abnormal mating behavior in male rats. Rat offspring also received induced hormones and showed extrauterine pregnancy rate, and, weight gain, infertility. Clover is bezplodie cattle, who feeds for research purposes.

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artificial Hormones – growth hormones

It was observed, there are a number of hormones (a growth hormone), which helps animals gain weight. Putting these hormones in animals artificially, reduces the amount of food, and the time, needed for weight gain. All this leads to an acceleration of the process outgrowth of animals for meat industry. The same method is used in dairy products, and, increases the production of cow's milk.

How do the artificial hormones – dangerous influence of artificial garomonov

Artificially introduced hormones to animals increases the production of milk and meat. During the 1930s, putting these hormones resulted in large-scale production of milk. then, 1950 year, a synthetic form of estrogen called diethylstilbestrol (OF) increased production of chickens and cattle. Later DES was excluded, because it is carcinogenic. Today, more than 80% livestock is grown using such artificial hormones, which help to increase the speed of their growth, as well as body weight. The US Department of Agriculture gave permission for the use of the six hormones, which can be used for cattle, but not poultry. These hormones are:

  • Zeranol
  • estradiol
  • testosterone
  • Progesterone
  • Melengestrol ацетат
  • trenbolone acetate

Among these six hormones, testosterone, estradiol and progesterone- natural hormones and melengestrol acetate, trenbolone acetate and zenarol- synthetic hormones. Zeranol and estradiol can cause serious health problems. These hormones can lead to serious health problems, including ovarian cysts and cancer.

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Causes side effect of hormones

Hormones are usually, administered to animals in the ear implant (they are placed under the skin ear). According to European Union data, The Scientific Committee on the SCVPH (Veterinary measures in the field of Public Health), when natural hormones serve as food for cattle, hormone level increases from 7 to 20 time. The Committee also wondered about the possible side effects on the human body after ingestion of hormones in meat, and, dairy products. After careful research, SCVPH concluded, what “even, if the allowable daily dose can be set to any of these hormones from those, that there is in food, it is still a great risk of serious hormonal disorders”, as well as various types of cancer diseases.

Why prohibited certain hormones – side effects of growth hormone

Growth hormones induced cattle completely banned in the EU in recent 20 years. On the other hand, about 1/3 the total number of cattle in the US, allegedly, fed on rbGH. It especially is introduced to increase milk production. These hormones have their own side effects, how mastitis vыmeni, infections cause pus, which later may get into milk, we consume. Consequently, cattle treated with special antibiotics, which cause a lot of problems. hormone residues, and antibiotic residues, that enter the human body and create chaos by creating antibiotic-resistant bacteria. These hormones exert their negative impact on the environment.

Warning about the content of hormones in food

Know, hormones, found in food. farmers, using artificial hormones for purely commercial benefits, should think, whether to play with the fate of millions of people for a small sum of money.

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