What is anaerobic fitness?

What is anaerobic fitness?

Anaérobnıy fitness, It refers to your ability to operate at high intensity.

Which sport referred to as anaerobic stress

Tennis, football, basketball, football and volleyball are anaerobic stress, you can improve with the help of a special program of training. sprint (run short track) It is an example of anaerobic exercise, which will help you improve your endurance and build muscle.

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A distinctive feature of anaerobic exercise

Anaerobic exercise done at a very high intensity and does not use oxygen to generate energy. Two minutes later,, activity becomes more aerobic, It burns more fat and produce more lactate.

Aerobic vs. anaerobic

Aerobic exercise is usually carried out during operation 70 to 80 percent of your maximum heart rate. Your muscles use oxygen, to function, and you burn more fat, than under anaerobic exercises. Your muscles slowly reduced during the aerobic exercise. Anaerobic exercise is performed, when you're working on 80 or more percent of your maximum heart rate. You burn mostly glycogen and leads to a more rapid decline in muscle fibers. Less lactate is removed from the muscles during anaerobic exercise, because, Unlike aerobic, lactate removed from the muscles during frequent recovery periods.

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Recovery in the anaerobic fitness

The main feature of anaerobic exercise, is your ability to fast recovery after intensive exercise. Aerobic exercise is not conducive to the rapid recovery of the body. Recovery is especially important for athletes, who need to quickly come back to normal after a drawn game, so they can start the next game better. In football, it is important to have an anaerobic training. If it is not, the defense will not be able to recover quickly after each game, when the players get tired.

Education anaerobic exercise

To improve anaerobic exercise, Use the sprint training. For this it is necessary to work with a very high intensity of 30 seconds to two minutes, then take a short break before another sprint. You do not need to flee, fulfilling a sprint. You can create short bursts of activity using dumbbells, skakalki, exercise bike or rowing machine. for example, elite tennis court operate on the set during the intensive 30 seconds, and then recovered for 90 seconds, before starting another set.

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