12 simple exercises to lose weight belly

12 simple exercises to lose weight belly

Weak abdominal muscles! It is a source of constant embarrassment regardless of your age. Nobody wants, to spoil protruding belly shape. And this is the hardest part of the body, to lose fat from the abdomen. Here are answers to some, how to reduce belly. But before we tell you, why did this happen.

Why you got belly fat?

there are a a number of causes of belly fat, even among adolescent girls:

Your genes may be responsible for your wrinkles on the tummy.

Weak metabolism is another reason. You, probably, noticed, that some of your friends eat a lot of sugary foods, fried foods or drinking cold drinks and they manage to maintain a flat stomach. The reason is, that these girls are very good metabolism. If your metabolism is not very good, you may have a swollen belly.

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If the muscles around your belly sagging, it can lead to the formation of belly fat as.

Learn how to sit up straight from childhood. The seat back with a curved, It can lead to accumulation of fat in the abdomen.

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And now tell, how to reduce belly fat

exercises for belly slimming

How to reduce your tummy:

Diet and exercise go hand in hand. If you think, that only through diet is to burn belly fat, you're wrong. If you really want to lose weight, then you need to include an hour of exercise into your daily life. Here are a few exercises, to reduce belly fat!

1 An exercise: curling:

This is the first exercise, that comes to mind, to reduce belly fat!

Did you read in magazines and seen on TV, that twist – it's just a magical exercise, when it comes to burning belly fat.

Lie flat on the mat, knees bent and feet on the ground. Alternatively, you can raise your legs off the floor at an angle 90 degrees.

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2. Now raise your hands and place them behind your head or keep them crossed on his chest.

III. Take a deep breath and lift the torso off the floor, lift your torso off the floor, Exhale and come back down.

AT. Do this for 10 time, if you are a beginner.

WE. Make another 2-3 repeat.

One piece of advice, when you lift the torso – not just sit up straight. You have to sit at an angle 30-40 degrees from the ground. So you will no longer put pressure on the abdominal muscles.

Curl Exercise

2 Turns torsional:

Once you get used to a regular twisting, change the basic exercise, to gain an even greater effect on the tummy!

1 Lyagte sex, hands behind head.

II. Now bend your knees, keeping them on the floor.

III. Lift your right shoulder, potyahyvaya ego vlevo, the left side of the body should be on the floor. Repeat for the left shoulder, lift the left shoulder to the right, holding the right side of the body on the floor.

AT. Repeat 10 time.

Exercise for Weight Loss Turns torsional

3 lateral twisting:

Perform the same exercise, how and when cornering at coiling, Once you have both tilted his legs in the same direction, and that the shoulder.

lateral twisting

4 reverse Crunch:

Lyagte sex, arms at your sides, palms facing the floor.

II. Lift your feet, bent at the knees, and keep them suspended at an angle 90 degrees.

III. Now raise your hips so, to tighten the legs close to the chest. You must lift the thigh, until you feel pressure on your stomach.

AT. Loosen your legs and return to starting position.

reverse Crunch

5 Vertical lift legs:

Lyagte sex, leg pull up and crossed one knee over the other.

Now lift your torso up 30-40 degrees from the floor.

Make 12-16 reps 3 approaches.

Vertical lift legs

6 An exercise "A bike»:

No, you do not need for this exercise bike!

Lie on the floor and place your hands or along the body or head.

II. Now lift both legs off the floor by bending at the knees.

III. Pull your right knee close to the chest, keeping the left leg free. Now straighten your right leg, and pull the left knee close to the chest.

AT. Bend your knees so, as if you are on a children's bicycle.

Exercise Bike

7 Lunge and twist:

This is an exercise for beginners, who want to quickly get rid of belly fat.

Lunge and twist

Stand up straight, feet hip-width apart. Keep your knees slightly bent. Raise both arms in front of you and keep them right at the level of your shoulders.

Make a big step forward with your right foot and then lower yourself down, as though on a chair, follow, to your right knee was bent at an angle 90 degrees from the floor. The left leg should be straight and elongated.

Spine should be straight. Do not lean forward. This is a very wrong way to perform a lunge.

Turn your torso to the right, and then to the left. rotate the torso, instead of legs.

Keep repeating this exercise for 16 time.

8 Rent "Rods":

Sit on the floor, bend your knees and elbows.

Keep your neck and your back straight. look ahead.

Lift knees up, lightly touching the floor socks.

Keep your knees raised and breathe normally. This posture "Plank". Stay in this pose for 30 seconds.

Then begin to move back and forth over the next 30 seconds. This rental "Rods".

Rent "Rods

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9 Exercise Side plank:

Lyagte sex, on the side.

Keep yourself up on one elbow, right arm and right leg. Your left arm should be perpendicular to the shoulder and left leg should be above the right foot, Keep your legs together.

Keep your knees straight and your hips should not touch the ground.

Hold this position for 30 seconds. Once you get comfortable, you can hold this position 1-2 minutes.

Repeat the same exercise with the other party.

During this exercise,, You can also raise the upper leg and lower it down. This makes the exercise more effective. It helps to lose fat, not only from the belly, but the hips.

10 Exercise for weight loss stomach vacuum:

Drop down to the floor, on all fours, supports itself on hands and knees.

Now take a deep breath, relax your stomach.

on the exhale,, Tighten your abdominal muscles.

Hold the contraction of the abdominal cavity during 15-30 seconds.

Repeat one more time.

11 "Captain's chair":

Sit in a chair with your back straight.

Keep both hands next to your hips.

Take a deep breath.

Now, when you exhale, pull both legs up so, that your knees touch the chest. Hold on 5 seconds. Do not tilt back forward.

Lower your legs and repeat again.

Captain's Chair Exercise

12 Exercise for belly “Tilts from side to side”:

This is the best exercise, slimming your waistline.

Stand up straight, feet together. Raise your hands above your head.

 Упражнение для живота "Наклоны со стороны в сторону"

Tilt your body to the right as much as possible, until you feel tension on the left side. Stay in this pose for 15 seconds.

Return to the starting position.

Now lean left. Keep this position for another 15 seconds.

You can slowly increase the dwell time to 30 seconds.

These are simple and effective, strengthening exercises. You can do them, to reduce belly fat at home easily, without any simulators. You just need a mate and a great endurance. Reducing the fat on your stomach is no longer a big question mark for you?

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