Marilyn Monroe's diet

Marilyn Monroe beauty secret

Marilyn Monroe was a sex icon in the 50s, and today, after 50 years after her death, it is a true legend of cinema, which continues to gain followers, and among other things they practice daily diet of Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn Monroe's diet It has diuretic: so it was said that it is necessary to avoid the use of products, which produced fluid retention. Among her favorite vegetables were: tsikoriy, parsley, peaches, grapes, cauliflower and celery. Avoiding food red and white meats, they should be replaced. Should drink an infusion of green tea, known natural diuretic.

Do not forget, so you need to consume large amounts of water and orange juice or carrot (a recipe for diet vegetable stew).

An example of Marilyn Monroe's diet :

Breakfast: green tea or coffee. One serving of cereal and grapefruit or orange juice.

noon: green tea and fruit Lunch: 150 g of white meat, 200 g of vegetables (artichoke, celery, eggplant, asparagus, tsikoriy) and 50 g cheese.

afternoon snack: infusion (tea or coffee) and fruit dinner: 150 Mr. fish, 150 g of vegetables and eggs (with a maximum of three weeks, and avoid deep-fried). Natural yogurt nonfat.

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