How hormones affect weight loss

How hormones affect weight loss

If you are interested in understanding the relationship between hormones and weight loss, look through this article. Hormone imbalance often leads to weight gain. This article explains, you can achieve weight loss goals by maintaining the flow 'hormones increase metabolism. After reading the article, you'll learn, how hormones affect weight.

What are hormones

hormones – This powerful chemicals, which affect the metabolism of the organism and, Consequently, body weight. You, can be, shocked, learning, that your hormones can make you fat. Estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, insulin, They are one of the main hormones, which play an important role in maintaining weight. Hormone imbalance often leads to the accumulation of excess calories. Let's see, as hormones and weight loss are interrelated.

How hormones affect weight

Hormones activate the vital systems of the body, maturation of the body for paternity, Motherhood and menopause, reproductive cycle control and regulate metabolism. They can stimulate or inhibit the growth of. Hormone levels change every day, changing mood, It affects the metabolism and affect your energy levels. It should be borne in mind, that changes in hormone levels is largely dependent on your lifestyle. It proved by scientists, that increase or decrease of a specific hormone is a consequence of adaptation to the activity level, you prefer.

If you prefer a more active Lifestyle, it creates a need for the body to adapt to increased stress. Body cells receive messages for the acceleration of chemical reactions. This leads to changes in body hormones. Exercise initiates the release of hormones and improves metabolism. Regular exercise helps maintain hormonal balance. This leads to weight loss. The higher metabolic rate, the faster you lose weight. By increasing the intensity of physical activity and exercises, you can achieve the optimal level of hormones.

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U testosterone men Article

With age, people become less active. The gradual decline in testosterone levels may be seen in older men. One of the main functions of testosterone is to increase the body's metabolism and help in reducing the level of fats. So that a low level of testosterone in their blood can lead to fat accumulation in men. In this way, lifestyle changes can lead to weight gain. Dysfunction of the endocrine glands, leading to a shortage of hormones (eg, thyroid hormones), It may also lead to weight gain.

Growth hormones

The main function of growth hormone – to stimulate protein synthesis (muscle tone / development). Growth hormones are responsible for the strength of bones, tendons, ligaments and cartilage. Growth hormone plays an important role in fat loss during exercise. These hormones reduce the consumption of glucose and increased fat use as a fuel during exercise This leads to a decrease in fat. It also helps to maintain normal blood glucose levels, which the, in its turn, It will maintain normal activities over an extended period. Longer aerobic exercise or application of more vigorous exercise leads to the release of a greater level of growth hormone from the pituitary.

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Estrogen hormone

High levels of estrogen present in the female blood. It accelerates the process of lipolysis in the body and takes excess fat. In this way, it promotes the use of fat as fuel. It helps to increase basal metabolism (metabolism), and elevates your mood. He is also responsible for libido. The ovaries begin to produce less estrogen when a woman approaches menopause. Incorrect ratio of estrogen-progesterone causes food cravings. Women often experience increased appetite before menstruation. The imbalance of estrogen and progesterone, and the side effects of stress hormones during menopause can lead to weight gain. It was observed, that the amount of estrogen, developed by the ovaries increases with physical exercise. Blood estrogen often remain elevated for one to four hours after exercise. This explains the importance of regular exercise.

other hormones

Besides the above mentioned hormones, There are several other hormones, that define the, how much and how fast you can lose or gain weight. Hormones developed pancreas, thyroid, the stomach and the brain; eg, insulin, triiodothyronine, tiroksina, histamine and the endorphins promote weight loss. Thyroid hormones determine your metabolic rate. So, deficiency of these hormones (HYPOTHRYOIDISM) frequently leads to weight gain. Similarly, hyperthyroidism resulting in weight loss. Among women, testosterone level of body mass index (increase / decrease). hormones, such as leptin, ghrelin, amylyn and cholecystokinin (CCK) digestion and regulate satiety chustvo. ghrelin, released by endocrine cells, present in the gastric mucosa. It stimulates the appetite. Upon receipt of a sufficient amount of food, gormon leptin, It suppresses appetite and sends a message to the hypothalamus, that the body no longer requires food. Adiponectin and peptide YY (HAZEL HEN) also play an important role in the processes of digestion and appetite control. The hormone melatonin regulates the circadian rhythm. Lack of sleep adversely affects the production of leptin, ghrelin and the human growth hormone (hGH).

What hormones control appetite and weight

A number of hormones control appetite and weight. An imbalance of these hormones leads to eating disorders and obesity. Hormones elaborated by the adrenal glands, how adrenaline and noradrenaline – indicator of your mental strength, mood and relationships. It was observed, that depression and weight gain often go hand in hand.

How to use hormones for weight loss

Hormone levels generated in the human body is proportional to the intensity and duration of exercise. Hormones can help you achieve weight loss goals; but for this, you need to encourage the gland produces more hormones. Lack of essential nutrients in the diet can lead to hormonal imbalance. Leading an active and healthy lifestyle and eat right people can maintain a steady flow of hormones.

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