Diffuse changes pancreas – when treated

Diffuse changes pancreas

Not all, diffuse changes pancreas, require treatment. Most often, this is a minor change, which do not require any additional testing or treatment. For, to proceed with the changes in treatment, you must first diagnose the disease.

who treat, and who is not from diffuse changes in the pancreas

Diffuse changes pancreas – it is not a diagnosis, and the conclusion of one of the types of survey – ultrasound. This conclusion is in itself says nothing, it is intended for doctors. But somehow the conclusion of US patients are very afraid and instead, to ask about the diagnosis from your doctor, people ask each other on the Internet.

How dangerous it is and whether treatment is required, doctor decides independently. If these diffuse changes of the pancreas diagnosed in humans, that is not what is not complaining, no additional tests and treatments not prescribed. More important is the presence of any complications, ie tumor, cysts and stones.

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But if diffuse changes detected in the patient, and there are complaints on the part of the digestive system, the doctor will determine the cause of this phenomenon. After establishing the final diagnosis, a patient treatment prescribed.

Finally, sometimes diffuse changes in the pancreas are a sign of acute pancreatitis, which is confirmed by laboratory tests, and the patient's condition. The patient requires immediate hospitalization.

Treatment of patients with acute pancreatitis

In acute pancreatitis, pancreatic juice stagnation occurs in the pancreas, its swelling. All this is accompanied by severe pain, severe vomiting and general condition of the patient.

First aid in acute pancreatitis - a pain relief, maximum relaxation of smooth muscles of the gastrointestinal tract and suppression of secretion of the pancreas.

To relieve pain using NSAIDs, and drugs (Promedolum, morphine). For relaxation of smooth muscle pancreatic ducts, removing spasms and improve the outflow of pancreatic juice administered antispasmodics (eg, Nospanum). In order to suppress the secretion of pancreatic juice prescribe atropine and applied to the stomach cold. Intravenous administration of various drugs is not administered because of the pain and vomiting.

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Until, until the patient has severe pain, He does not eat anything and only after improvement, give him yogurt in small portions. diet expansion is slow, Subject to the overall condition of the patient

Treatment of patients with chronic pancreatitis

Diffuse changes in the pancreas in chronic pancreatitis can be both in the acute phase (this indicates, swelling of the prostate) and in remission, which is a sign of diffuse expansion of the connective tissue of the pancreas.

Exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis is almost the same, both for acute pancreatitis, but not as severe pain and require the same treatment.

In the period of remission to the fore diet and correction of exocrine pancreatic insufficiency. Diet patient eliminates the use of fatty, fried, spicy food, canned, sweets, biscuits and fizzy drinks. Meals should be frequent and fractional.

correction method is chosen individually for each patient. Appointed by the enzyme preparations (mezim, Creon). Under the action of these drugs in patients extends nausea, abdominal distention, diarrhea.

If patients have a significant decrease in pancreatic function and the absence of the protein to digest food enzymes they injected a mixture of amino acids. For a better absorption of the protein with the amino group administered vitamin C and anabolic hormones (eg, retabolil).

To enhance the secretion of pancreatic prescribe vitamins.

Since in chronic pancreatitis in almost all patients with impaired insulin secretion and secondary diabetes develops, they are assigned a diet with restriction of carbohydrates and glucose decrease.

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