Romantic letter in a bottle

Romantic letter in a bottle

Romantic letter in a bottle more for a long time, – a great way to recognize the girl in his feelings or remind her about it.

All, What you'll need: Romantic Letters:

  • Paper
  • Coffee maker
  • tapes
  • Bottle with stopper (Washed and Dried)
  • Pen

How to incrementally write a romantic letter in a bottle:

Start by creating a “old paper”, Take tea for coloring paper. The easiest way to do this is, to take a glass of tea and use it as a paint, medium brush or sponge to apply the paint directly on paper. If you want a darker color, repeat the process after, as the paper dries, or try using a darker color of tea.

Once your document is ready, write a letter of love. Attention, if you are worried about bugs, write the first letter on your computer or on another sheet of paper, To make sure, What you say is exactly, What would you like, and then move on made old paper.

Fold the paper into a roll and tie it with a decorative ribbon, your choice.

Put the package into the bottle and fill it with confetti for romantic effect.

Close the bottle stopper and hide somewhere in a bottle, to your / a favorite / th
suddenly found.

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  1. Mariska says:

    excellent instruction, Just the other day the anniversary of the guy to make such a present

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