Photo bechamel sauce recipe

White sauce or bechamel sauce is of French origin. This is one of the basic sauces of French and Italian cuisine, but common in England, where he became known as white sauce (bechamel). It is necessary to prepare for preparation of bechamel sauce, to make a roux, cooked with butter and flour and milk reached boiling, to the sauce thickens. The time required to prepare the sauce takes 10 minutes.

Ingredients for the sauce on the 4 man:

  • 500 ml of milk
  • 50 g of flour
  • 50 g of butter
  • salt
  • nutmeg

How long is the preparation of bechamel sauce ?

harvesting time: 5 minutes
Cooking time: 15 min
Total time: 20 min

Process of preparation of the sauce:

How to make white sauce or how to prepare the bechamel sauce, you are going to show you step by step with the help of photo recipe.

Melt butter over low heat, As soon as the hide, slowly add the flour

Фото пошаговое рецепта соуса бешамель

Step by step recipe photos béchamel sauce

Then formed as a stew mix well

Приготовления бешамель белого соуса

Preparing béchamel white sauce

The mixture was diluted with preheated milk, Add flour and stir continuously, so as not to create lumps.

Фото рецепта белого соуса в процессе

Photos white sauce recipe in the process

Stir until the sauce thickens, then add salt and grated nutmeg and simmer sauce to boiling.

Почти приготовленный соус бешамель

Almost prepared bechamel

When the sauce mixture to reach boiling, simmer until desired consistency. Consistency of the sauce should be thick for fillings or semiliquid for seasoning.

Белый Соус бешамель

White béchamel sauce

Bon apeetita bashamel with sauce from chef

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