10 ways how to become happier

How to be happier

Blessed are you, in fact,? If there is room for improvement in a happy state, try one of these suggestions.

Some years ago, morning came to me the sudden realization: Togo, How was my life. I looked out the window and saw how far left the rain-spattered new bus, I felt like my life was leaving.

” What do I want from life? “I asked myself,. “Well. I want to be happy.” I had many reasons, to be happy: My husband is tall, dark, nice, love of my life, We have two delightful girls; I am a writer, I live in my favorite city. I had friends, I was healthy, I arranged my hair color. But all too often I sent my husband to the pharmacy clerk or. I felt dejected, even after a minor professional setbacks. I thought. Is it a happy man arrives?

I decided to thoroughly examine happiness. (A bit unexpectedly, I know. But this much I have.) Finally, during the year, on this subject I have studied the wisdom of the ages, modern scientific research, as well as the advice of experienced people. I wanted to know, if you follow all the advice, whether it will help to be happier?

Well, year completed, and I can say with full confidence, I forced myself to become happier and I learned a lot about, how to be happy. These lessons.

1 Do not start with depths. When I started the project about happiness, I quickly realized, what, and not have to start with a long daily meditation or answering deep questions of identity, I have to start with the basics, when to go to bed and what time; and do not feel a sense of hunger. Science supports this, These two factors have a major impact on happiness.

2 Let the sun come up on anger. I had always meticulously analyze every irritation as soon as possible, to come to his senses before bedtime. studies show, but, anger -burnoe transient expression of emotions, immediately comes and goes quickly. Expression is associated with small anger, fleeting trouble and only reinforces the bad feelings, and if not to show anger, it passes, dissipated.

3 forges feelings(prytvoryaytes). For the feelings follow actions. If I feel bad, I deliberately act joyfully, and I find myself thinking, I feel happier. If I start to get angry at the person someone, I'm doing something thoughtful for him, and my feelings for him are mitigated. strangely, but this strategy is effective.

4 understand, it's worth doing a new, even if you do bad. Challenges and novelty are key elements of happiness. The brain is stimulated by surprise, and successfully cope with the unexpected situation and gets a powerful sense of satisfaction. People, who do unexpected things, travel to unfamiliar places, happier, than people, who adhere to familiar routes and events, they have long been doing well. I often remind myself “The pleasure of failure "and solve some difficult problems.

5 Do not always choose pleasure. I often perform actions not very good for me. The pleasure lasts a minute, but then feelings of guilt and loss of control and other negative consequences deepen bad mood. While it is easy to think, I feel good after I drink a few glasses of wine, sem pint of ice cream, I'll smoke a few cigarettes, I buy a new pair of jeans. Ask yourself, it's worth it, will there really be happier.

6 Buy a little happiness. Our basic psychological needs include feeling of love, security, confidence. We also want to have a sense of control. Money does not automatically comply with these requirements, but I'm sure, can help. I learned how to spend money, to stay in closer contact with my family and friends, promote health, work more effectively; eliminate sources of irritation and marital conflict. for example, when my sister got married, I ruined for the best digital camera. It was expensive, but it gave me a lot of happiness.

7 Do not insist on the best. There are two types of individuals, decision. One of the principle” all or nothing”, the other on the principle of adequacy, decide, by satisfying their criteria. When they find a hotel or pasta with sauce, which has the qualities, they want, they are satisfied. Maximizers want to have the best of everything Even if they see, a bicycle or a backpack, which meets their requirements, they can not decide, until they have studied every detail. second, usually, happier, than maximizers. Maximizers spend more time and energy to make decisions, and they are often concerned about their choice. Sometimes good enough is good enough.

8 Exercise to improve energy. I work intellectually, but how often do I say to myself,: "I'm just too tired, to go to the gym”? Exercise is one of the most reliable accelerators mood. Даже 10-ти минутная ходьба может улучшить настроение и поменять мировоззрение.

9 Стоп нытью. Я знала, что мое нытье не работает особенно хорошо, но я полагала, что если я остановлюсь, мой муж никогда не будет делать что либо по дому. Неправильно. Во всяком случае, большая часть работы была сделана. Besides, я неожиданно получила большое удовлетворение от прекращения нытья. Я поняла, a contentious and an angry was, I felt miserable. I replaced the whining for the following compelling tools: wordless hints (eg, resulting in a new light on the counter), использую только одно слово (говорюМолоко!” Вместо того чтобы говорить дальше и дальше), не настаиваю на том, чтобы что-то было сделано мгновенно или по моему плану. Наиболее эффективным является когда муж сам ставит задачи и сам их решает. Зачем мне устанавливать задания?

10 Принимайте меры. Некоторые люди считают, счастье вопросом темперамента или врожденным: Вы родились в год Тигра илив рубашке”, и дело с концом. Хотя это правда, что генетика играет большую роль, однако около 40 процентов уровня вашего счастья находится в пределах вашего контроля. Принимайте во время меры, чтобы подумать, и сделать сознательные шаги для привлечения счастья в вашу жизнь. Так что используйте эти советы, that начать свой собственный проект счастья. Я обещаю, что это не займет у вас целый год.

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