How do you know whether you love?

How do you know whether you love

so, You've been waiting for that very, special person, with which you can create a real relationship. Finally, was he / she comes into your life. But how do you know it's love or just a fad?

Step by step the signs that you are in love

1. note, what's happening, when you spend time with him.

  • You start to smile, when you see him / her.

    Улыбка при встречи

    Smile at the meeting

  • you feel, that fly, when he / she holds your hand.
  • you feel, like in paradise, when he / she kisses you.

    Лучший поцелуи в жизни

    Best Kisses in life

  • Yes, when he / she is near.
  • you feel, happier, just because, that he / she speaks to you.
  • Are you jealous every time, when he / she says or sitting with someone
  • the opposite sex, especially when they talk too long. Are you worried that this man, too, love him / her.

2. Understand your thoughts about him / her, when they are not around.

  • You want to know everything about him / her and their life path.
  • You want to talk about them with your friends.
  • You include them in their prayers.
  • You smile every time, when you see him / her photo (or you feel joy).

    Постоянно смотрите на его фотографию

    Constantly looking at his photo

  • Do you miss them all the time.
  • Lonely without you, u can not estimate, what's going on around you, even if you're in the best place in the world. Your world seems empty without them.
  • You can not throw them out of his mind.

    Все мысли лишь о нем

    All thoughts only of him

  • You always think that he / she is now!.
  • You smile every time, when you hear his / her name.
  • You feel a strange feeling in the stomach, when you think about him / her.
  • You keep images of your kisses, embrace or who took arms.

3. Think of a time, you spend together.

  • You spend as much time with him / her, and do not want to be apart.

    Вы хотите быть всегда рядом с ним

    You want to be always with him

  • You constantly talk to him / her, share your thoughts together, pleasant events in life.
  • You understand each other and know, when something is wrong, when something of his / her worries.
  • You can go on a trip together, and would like, make it last forever.
  • When you are with him / her, you have no doubt about who would you like to be and where would you like to be, because you are exactly where you need.
  • You will treasure bestowed by him / her a gift, even if it is very small gift.
  • Find out, Do you think about the future with this man?

    Вы думаете и планируете будующее с этим человеком

    You think and plan future developments with this person

  • You want to introduce him / her with all your friends, show how he / she is a person and how to develop your relationship.
  • You want to know his / her family, brothers names, sisters and parents.
  • You have always believed, that your and his / her name sound great together.

Useful tips for those who want to know whether they like:

  • If you are in love, you will blush and feel embarrassed around him / her. If you really love, you will feel more comfortable with him / her.
  • If you meet after a long separation, do not expect that if you're in love now!, you will always love him / her. The adoption of such important decision as marriage or the loss of virginity may seem a good idea at the moment, but later you realize, you do not love this man, and made a mistake.
  • If all of your senses, the desire of his / her body, it is lust, but not love.
  • If you really love, you see him / her of their inner beauty, the appearance of spite.
  • You must know, that he / she meets you.
  • All of the above can be applied to the board “How do you know that you're just in love”

Warnings for who may be in love:

  • the, what you think is love, It may actually be just a fad or lust.
  • A lot of people make mistakes in, loving them. Cm. advice.

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