10 types of women, where men do not want to get married

10 types of women, where men do not want to get married

Samantha Daniels recently wrote an article “10 male types, for which women do not want to get married” on that response I received over 1000 comment, and endless emails, ask me why I have not written an illogical list of types of women. As a result, I created this list, using views that I have heard from tens of thousands of people during the years of my work in the service of dating.

I.e, if you are a woman and you want to get married, you need to know how to behave on your dates. It is necessary to clarify attracts or repels men is your type of woman, for this it is necessary to analyze critically their behavior and actions of men. You can start by looking at the list below, very likely you will find yourself in one of these very unattractive for men female types:

Miss “Boss pants”: The woman usually can not help themselves, in her blood to be a major. When a man first meets her, he might think, it's a cute character trait, for a while. However, as soon as he starts to feel, that he was being said “It is at school” and she is going to become a teacher, He hastened to give this woman her severance sheet.

Miss “Play the game with his heart”: The woman said, that play with the feelings of the men to help her in the relationship. but, even if he is intrigued by its inaccessibility in the beginning, as soon as he decides that he is interested in it, all he will need is honest, direct relations. And if the woman will not stop playing cat with him – mouse quite fast, then it will be shown the door before, than it is someone will win.

Miss “I want you to change”: This woman is hiding everywhere. This is exactly the type of woman, men who guards most. (Of course, There are some men, who love this type of, but mostly because of their own insecurities.) She claims that she loves her boyfriend, simply adjusting his. But little it interferes in all aspects of his life. Getting, it is his wardrobe, then music CDs. but, when it gets to his friends and hobbies, it is usually put off.

Miss “suspicious revnivitsa”: This woman is constantly on the verge of collapse. She can not trust a man. She has many times in the past Immolation, Now she is always on the alert, waiting for something bad, why and feels pretty bad. When a man meets the woman for the first time, he sees it as a poor girl and wants to assure her, that he did not like the guy in the past. but, after hundreds of charges on her side, he will have no choice but to leave her, he does not want to live my life in court, constantly apologizing and paying for other people's crimes.

Miss “I live only for you, and I have nothing else”: This type of woman is very difficult for the modern man. First he flatters, that it belongs only to him, but very soon, he feels overwhelmed and suffocated her attention. As a woman you have to have your own business in your life, To not have long days sitting at the door, in anticipation of his return home.

Miss “I have problems with my father”: The woman usually occurs with older men, and at heart looking for a man, father figure, but no boyfriend or husband. at first, her boyfriend might like, she turns to him for approval, or the answer to all her questions, but pretty soon he realizes, he wants to have sex with a real woman, not someone, who are stuck in their teenage years, trying to get “dad” notice it. It's clear that there is no talk about the wedding in this case can not be.

Miss “I'm talking with my mother five times a day, on any topic”: This woman her mother had packed in a speed dial phone, and it may seem that it does not take any decision without asking the approval of her mother. When a guy meets her for the first time, He said it was good, again she is so close with his family, but soon realizes that this is too much. Men just do not need the advice and opinion of her mother regarding his life.

Miss “Tss, I should not say this, but…”: This woman is like a magazine or newspaper yellow. She loves to gossip, talking and listening to other people. At first, when a guy meets her, it might amuse her jokes, but ultimately he wonders, what she says behind him.

Miss “Do not lag behind neighbors, colleagues, etc.”: This woman should be no worse off than the rest of her friends. She always says that, what they are doing and have other people. Too much undue pressure on the man, eventually it gets. If she can not appreciate what they already have, he can leave her alone, so to speak “with nothing”.

Miss “I do not eat”: This woman goes through in the food, It sits on an endless diet or not there is a significant part of, that most people eat. When a man meets her for the first time, he thinks to himself,, that at least it will not get fat, but eventually he realizes, like this – there alone. Fact – men love to eat, they like meat, they like to try different dishes, they like dessert. Women should also have, at least occasionally.

It should be borne in mind, that most men simply want a happy and calm woman with her good qualities, so the first thing should focus on the development of your best sides.

What other types of women attractive to men, how do you think?

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