How to prepare for the hair mask at home

Dry hair mask

Secrets of cooking hair mask at home by the best beauticians.

Want to, help problem hair? Then Prepare the hair mask at home. Whether it is dry, fatty, dull or damaged hair, you can restore them using products, that you can find in your kitchen, We offer you to cook for hair mask at home. Besides, they are cheaper and fit directly to your hair, These masks are better, than shoplifting, because they do not contain corrosive chemicals, which are often found in ready-made masks. for example, Did you know, that many air conditioners, which are used to care for dry hair, actually contain alcohol, that actually, more dry your hair!

Instructions for the preparation of hair masks at home

1 Decide what you want to eliminate the disadvantages of hair. Then you will be able to choose the right ingredients. Take a look at the list below, to get a general idea of, what your hair type .

dry: look dull, are cut at the ends, break easily, bad comb. This may be due to the reduced activity of the sebaceous glands.

Dry hair mask

fatty: greasy hair, If not washed daily, lose shine, stick together, look dirty and unkempt.

oily hair mask

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combined: usually, long hair, greasy at the roots, but dry and damaged to the ends. This is often due to the lack of oil to lubricate the entire length of hair.

Combined hair mask

normal: They have many problems, usually, look shiny, not a lot of split ends, easy to comb. This type of hair hair mask practically unnecessary.
Normal hair mask

2 Make your choice of ingredients of the below listed suggestions and prepare your first hair mask at home. After that, wash your hair as usual, but do not use air conditioning. Blot your hair and comb it. Then, take the mask (pre-cooked before washing hair), and distribute evenly over the entire length. leave on 10-20 minutes and rinse with warm water,. Rinse your hair with cool (but not cold) water, to close the hair follicles. Follow these instructions.

choice of ingredients for hair mask

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3 If you have dry, damaged hair, these ingredients provide a much-needed oil to lubricate the hair and protect them from further damage and will give hair shine. Mix and match depending on the availability of ingredients and hair needs.


uhie, damaged hair some hair masks

Avocado: Avocado is one of the most moisturizing fruit, It contains a lot of vitamins and nutrients, such as vitamin E and B vitamins. Natural avocado oil will moisturize your hair. Use mashed avocado half or in combination with other ingredients.

Avocado Hair Mask

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banana: rich in vitamins and oils, especially good to give hair elasticity, It prevents hair breakage and hair tip section, and removes dandruff. Mash half banana and use in its pure form or in admixture with other ingredients. Freezing and thawing a banana before use will help reduce lumps in the mashed potatoes, and they are easier to wash out of hair.


Banana Mask for

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honey: Honey moisturizes and has the ability to trap moisture in the hair, making it suitable for dry hair. Know, it reduces your hair color. Use as much honey, how much do you need (not too much, or you'll be left with sticky hair), it can be mixed with other ingredients, such as avocado or banana. Apply to wet hair.

Honey Hair

Mayonnaise: it sounds disgusting, but mayonnaise is made from eggs, vinegar and oil, All three ingredients are used for many years to give volume, gloss and moisturizing hair. For dry and damaged hair it is best to use a mixture of avocado, although it can be used only mayonnaise.


Olive oil: used for centuries to moisturize skin and hair, It nourishes and strengthens hair, ideal for dry and damaged hair! Olive oil may be mixed with other ingredients, such as avocado or banana, and only olive oil can be used; apply it warm to wet hair, from root to tip. Wrap the hair or warm towel or plastic bag and leave it on 20 minutes, then rinse.

Olive oil

eggs: commonly used in connection with the content of high levels of protein and other nutrients,. Eggs are good for strengthening of hair and hair follicles, this means, they are ideal for damaged hair. They can be used alone or in admixture with other ingredients, in particular olive oil for moisturizing.




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Gelatin: if you put dissolved gelatin hair, they are covered by a thin shell nutritious, which imbues their protein and restores the hair structure. The hair becomes voluminous, brilliant. For deep moisturizing hair need gelatin mixture with water and vinegar.


Glycerol: strong moisturizer, how and honey, but without bleaching effect. Always mix it with water before use.


4 Ingredients for Hair mask if you have oily hair: This type of hair is particularly suited homemade mask, because they do not have the heavy silicone additives, inherent store-bought masks, which causes additional fat. These components are aimed at updating the hair, but not dried them.

greasy hair

Apple vinegar: It sounds a bit strange, but apple cider vinegar contains nutrients, which make hair strong, shiny and generally healthier, and, it removes all traces of cosmetic products, are heavier and pollute your hair. It regulates the pH of the scalp, resulting in dandruff disappears. For use, add 4 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to the other components, or use it only in the form opoloskivaniya, diluting 1 part vinegar 2/3 parts of water.

Apple vinegar

Strawberry: Strawberry is good to regulate production of sebum, plus it is endowed with vitamin C, so necessary for healthy hair. Puree strawberries, apply over the entire length of the hair., and may be used in admixture with other ingredients, of your choice. You can choose a light moisturizer, such as mayonnaise, to prevent dry hair. Leave the mask on your hair on 10 minutes, then rinse.


Baking soda: it is an effective ingredient for the removal of residues of hair cosmetic products, fat, mud. One tablespoon, add in moderate moisturizing ingredient (eg, mayonnaise or yogurt), or mix it with water. Use the resulting paste instead of shampoo.

Baking soda

Lemon juice: Known astringent properties of lemon, it closes the pores of the scalp, reduces the production of sebum. warning, that lemon juice can discolor hair, if used regularly, especially if you are in the sun. You can use the juice of one lemon to mask, and rinse diluted juice 1 with lemon 1 glass of water.

Lemon juice

These ingredients are mainly used, with a view to absorb or wash away any dirt and oil. If your hair is very greasy, it is best to use these masks maximum of once a month, to avoid drying hair, which can lead to greater production of sebum (worse), otherwise, try to use them with moisturizing ingredients, or use the masks necessary for the combined type of hair.

5 What neohodimo ingredients for masks, If you have combination (hybrid) hair: the combination of oily hair at the roots with dry and damaged tips. The proposed components of the below fix both problems.

combined (hybrid) hair

Yogurt: probiotic, natural yoghurt provides the necessary nutrients and moisture, including protein, which is the building block of hair. It stimulates and restores hair growth and helps to normalize the fat balance of the scalp, make it ideal for combination hair. It can be easily combined with other ingredients, such as avocado, if you want to remove the excess moisture, or with strawberries, if you need to stimulate the production of fat.

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Mayonnaise and Strawberries: mayonnaise provides moisture and nutrients, moisturizes and restores dry sections of your hair, while strawberries regulates fat production, and nourishes the hair, vitamin C. Use a mixture of three tablespoons of mashed strawberries with two or three tablespoons of mayonnaise.

Eggs and cider vinegar: eggs provide protein, needed, to repair damaged hair, as well as their nutrition and hydration. Apple cider vinegar will save the hair from the dimness, will return the luster and wash away any accumulation of fat and the remnants of cosmetic products, It regulates skin pH and deliver dandruff. Try to mix 1 or 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with two beaten eggs.

Baking soda and Yogurt: baking soda loosens any dirt, fat and cleans your hair, while the yogurt will nourish and moisturize them. Try to mix a teaspoon of baking soda with two tablespoons of yogurt.

6 Experiment, looking for a recipe for hair mask. To find, that helps your hair, and what does not, try different combinations of ingredients, that can help your hair type, adjust the duration of applying the mask (usually, from 10 to 20 minutes ) and the amount of each ingredient in the mask. Hair every different, so your perfect recipe will also be unique.

Enjoy healthy, volume, brilliant, clean hair!

Tips on how to better prepare for the hair mask at home

  1. Strive to make a mask two or three times a month, not more, so as not to alter the natural balance of the hair, which will lead to even greater fat or dryness.
  2. Although, all of the above, outlined proposals offer a mix of the two components in a mask, You can mix several different ingredients together, taking into account the needs of your hair.
  3. If you are worried about your hair smelling food, Apply the mask for the night, and if in the morning a little smacks, spray perfume on a comb or very little hair, so as not to dry up hair, since perfumes contain alcohol, which dries them.
  4. Try to move away from cosmetics, containing chemical components in other areas, such, shampoos, products for face and body care, and so on. d. They often contain harsh chemicals, which disturb the natural balance of your body and harmful to your health.
  5. Always brush your hair after, How to remove the remains of hair masks.

Warnings, how not to prepare a mask for hair

  1. If you experience any irritation, while the mask is on her hair, immediately wash your hair and try something else next time.
  2. If you have a skin irritation on the head, such as rash, where broken skin, try not to use hair masks, and consult a doctor in the first place.
  3. If you are going to use the ingredient, which requires rubbing, use the food processor to achieve a liquid texture, you do not want, do you, banana to clog your shower!
  4. If you use the components you have sensitive scalp, that will not cause irritation, olive oil, usually well suited for sensitive skin.

If you have a food allergy, Do not use the components causing allergy in your mask so, as they can cause skin irritation or allergies

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