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hair extension

Hair extension: technology

procedure hair extensions We gave Italy. But today there are a lot of "know-how" in the world capacity of many countries, including France and Spain. At its core, all of these technologies are modified versions of the very first hair extension procedures in Italian - attaching strands of hair to the bottom of the native.

Treatment of split ends of hair at home

Cekuschiesya hair tips, treatment at home

Hair tips splits, undoubtedly, It can be treated at home, although this may require a lot of time, but the results are quite satisfactory. I do not mean, that you have to forget other treatments for hair care and only deal with split ends.

hair mask from avocado

hair mask from avocado

The recipe and the benefits of masks for hair avocado with homemade ingredients.

The best mask for damaged hair

Homemade mask for damaged hair

The best mask for damaged hair, Recipes home masks for damaged hair.

Dry hair mask

How to prepare for the hair mask at home

Secrets of cooking hair mask at home by the best beauticians.