Exercises for muscles of the face – facial yoga

Exercises for muscles of the face - facial yoga

Regular exercise is a great way, to strengthen the muscles of your face and give them back tone, do not allow the skin to sag with age. A good diet, a large amount of water you drink, and exercise can help you look much younger. Exercises for the face or facial yoga – natural way, make your face younger, strengthen muscles and reduce wrinkles. A person has about 50 muscles and need to train, giving eye strain, neck and face. The inclusion of this short training persons in the daily routine of the day will smooth hard nasolabial folds in just a few weeks. find out, how to do the exercises to the facial muscles.

Uprazheneny complex facial muscles

1. Find a place in your home, where you will be comfortable and you will be alone. Like many isometric exercises, facial exercises may look ridiculous, and you will feel somewhat uncomfortable in the beginning. Sit up straight in a chair, caring, to have a good posture.

2. Pull the neck before exercise. All these movements should be performed slowly, deep breathing. Tilt your head down and lift back, repeated several times.

Slowly move the chin from one shoulder to the other shoulder.
Look at each shoulder, counting to 5 seconds. Repeat this twice.
Tilt your head to the right, as if you want to put your head on my shoulder. Hold on 10 seconds. Repeat with the left side. Return to the starting position, to once again perform this exercise.

3. Look at the right side, while your face is directed forward. Hold on 5 seconds. Turn your eyes to the left and hold on 5 seconds.

Look for vveh 5 seconds. Look down for 5 seconds. Look diagonally within 5 seconds in each direction. Was repeated in every direction from the 2 to 10 time.

This exercise will help to reduce eye lowering the age, refresh your eyes. If you work in television, the computer for a long period of time, You can also do this exercise with your eyes closed.

4. stick out your tongue, as much as possible. Hold this pose for 60 seconds.

5. Raise your eyebrows and hold for 5 seconds. Open your eyes as wide, as you can and allows the mouth, to frown. repeat 5 time.

6. Open your eyes, in a look of surprise. Try not to raise eyebrows. repeat 5 time.

7. Look at the ceiling. Pull the lips, as if you were going to kiss something. Hold on 5 seconds and repeat 5 time.

Hold your tongue within 5 seconds staring at the ceiling. This exercise will stretch and strengthen the muscles of the neck. Return the head in a neutral position to continue the exercises.

8. breathe deeply. Everytime, when you exhale, Collect the lips into a tube, as if you want to blow a kiss. Do this for 30-60 seconds.

9. Place 3 finger of the right hand on top of the right cheekbone. Press down slightly. Smile lift cheekbones as high as possible. Hold on 5 seconds.
Repeat on each side 3 fold.

Exercise tips

Wash your hands before training. Touching the face with dirty hands, It can lead to skin infection.

What you will need for uprazheniny of facial muscles: comfortable spot, you yourself, deep breathing and clean hands

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