Removal of eyebrow hair

Removal of eyebrow hair

Without proper care for their formation and eyebrows, face look a bit messy. Read this article, to learn more about the different methods of hair removal eyebrows.

You must have perfect eyebrows, as the eyebrows determine the expression of your face. First step, find form, that will fit your face, and the second step, decide on the technique of hair removal eyebrows, that is best suited for you. There are many ways to remove hair from eyebrows, to get the best form and choose a less painless way to remove them.

Methods of hair removal eyebrows

There are various methods of hair removal from eyebrows: – plucking, waxing, tridding and lazer. For people, who slowly grow hair on his eyebrows and who want to have a permanent eyebrow shape, Laser hair removal is a very good option. Laser hair removal costs from $ 140 to $ 400 dollars, depending on the hair density. This is a relatively painless process and it will be completed within 15 to 20 minutes. After the procedure, you expect a slight redness which usually goes away after a day or two.


Time-tested and very popular method of hair removal eyebrow plucking. In this method, first it is necessary to rub the ice cube, the area around your eyebrows, for their numb. It is best to go for plucking eyebrows just after you took a shower, as this will help to soften the hair and open the pores, the hair will come out more easily. Now, take a pair of clean tweezers and tweeze any stray hairs around the brow. Secure the skin around the eyebrows using the thumb and middle finger. Keep your unwanted hair with tweezers as close to the root and pull it. To avoid the pain, always hold the skin around the eyebrows at the time of plucking. If you want to shape your eyebrows, remember, tweeze hair should be only under the brow, rather than the top. To prevent inflammation and, to close the pores apply a mild alcohol-free tonic astringent around your eyebrows.


Wax is also one of the most preferred methods of hair removal. Although this is a painful technique, the hair does not grow up 3 weeks. The disadvantage of this method is that, that the hair must be at least 1 inch in length so, the wax may stick to them. Wax is first heated in a microwave oven or steamer. Hot wax is applied to the region around the eyebrows using a plastic spatula in the direction of hair growth. Apply a clean strip of fabric or a wax strip to the place where the used wax. And lightly smooth the fingers in the direction of hair growth. Now pull the tissue or wax strip in one quick motion in the opposite direction. Wax and the unwanted hair will be on the fabric or band. If you plan to do it at home, be careful, check hot wax temperature prior to application, to avoid the risk of skin burns.


another very effective method of hair removal of the eyebrows, which is rapidly gaining popularity Tridding. This method was used for centuries in Eastern countries, but now he finds approval even in the West. In this technique, a twisted thread is used for the removal of individual hair. It is virtually painless, if it makes an experienced practitioner. It is also a very fast method, and you do not have to wait until the hair has fully grown to a certain length, before doing tridding.

So, there are various ways of hair removal eyebrows were presented with their pros and cons, for, so you can make an informed decision about what, that is right for you.

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