Tibetan exercises for the face

Tibetan exercises for the face

In order to keep the youth need not only to monitor their diet and lifestyle, but also to reflect on the special massage exercises. Gymnastics for the person may seem somewhat boring and routine, because in order to achieve the desired effect it is necessary to do the exercises every day, but trust, absence of wrinkles and healthy complexion is worth it.

If you want to, to care for the face is not too burdened, should seek advice from a Tibetan beauties, exactly Tibetan exercises for the face allowing them to maintain their youth and freshness over the years. Even for the most incorrigible sloth gymnastics seem fairly easy, and most importantly it does not take much time.

Part of the exercises can be done while lying in bed, immediately after awakening. This may be your kind of morning ritual, Like washing or breakfast.

so, how to perform the Tibetan gymnastics:

1. waking up, do not rush to open the eyes: "Look" up, down, and then left and right. repeat the exercise 10 time.

2. Now massage your fingers area of ​​the upper eyelids, make light movements in the direction from the inner corner of eye to the outside, so - 20 time.

3. Rastyrayte nadbrovnuyu region: spend levels fingers from the nose to the temples and back. The exercise is performed 20 time.

4. In conclusion, massage your face with circular movements of the fingers, starting with the nose, then clicking on the wings of the nose, cheeks and chin. Dedicate at least massage 2 minutes.

Now you have awakened from a dream and are willing to take more decisive action.Additional Tibetan exercises for facial wrinkles It involves muscle work, it is recommended to perform standing.

1. Rub your palms until, until you feel the heat, then cover their eyes and gently press 10 time. After that, remove the palm of a person and make circular movements of the eyeballs.

2. Thumbs press down on the cheeks, and the index on the wings of the nose, then do the following - as much as possible his tongue, and then remove his back, Do this exercise 20 time. Also, can you do a circular motion language.

3. Now zaymomsya corners of the lips. Save the position of the fingers, described in the 5 exercise, pull the lip to the left and to the right is not less 10 times in each direction. After this tightly with lips, hold them in this position 30 seconds and relax, repeat 5 time.

4. Again Rub palm to heat sensations, then for 2 minutes, tapping his fingers on the entire facial area.

5. AND, of course, do not forget about the neck, because this part of the body is one of the first shows signs of aging. slight pressure, spend hand from the top of the neck and chest in the reverse position. The exercise is performed 20 time.

In this "anti-aging procedure" end, as you can see – there is nothing complicated, so exercise easily become an integral part of your morning. like Chinese gymnastics for the face, Tibetan exercises will help to hide the signs of fatigue and wrinkles, evidenced by the numerous reviews of Women, try this procedure on himself. [ read more Exercises for muscles of the face from wrinkles]

Also, on the face known points are arranged, responsible for the functioning of internal organs, so we can safely assume, that this massage also has a positive effect on the inner part of the body. [ Read more about Chinese massage ]

of course, do not forget, that the benefits of gymnastics is only, if the exercise will be carried out regularly, massage "through time" does not help to keep the muscles toned, so do not forget about the health and beauty of your face! [ Read more how to perform Relaxing massage]

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