How to remove dark spots from the face

How to remove dark spots from the face

Simple instructions on how to remove dark spots from the face, advice from a beautician.

Brown spots on the face, most likely - solar lentigines, or often referred to as age spots. This is the result of skin damage caused by sun exposure. With age, under the influence of ultraviolet light breaks down the synthesis of melanin, responsible for the integrity of skin pigmentation. On the skin there are brown spots with a diameter of 0,2 to 2 cm. Usually, these brown age spots do not cause special alarm, but they need to be treated, to minimize the appearance of the skin.

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In order to remove age spots, you will need:

  • hydroquinone cream,
  • retinoidы,
  • sunscreen

Step by step instructions on how to remove dark spots from the face

Step 1 Start using a cream with hydroquinone. The cream contains a whitening agent, which destroys the melanin and thereby removes the brown pigment spots on your skin. apply cream, Only brown spot, since hydroquinone may cause a lightening of the surrounding skin.

Step 2 Take prescription retinoids, advises the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology. If you do not help the cream with hydroquinone, retinoids can destroy cluster melanin and reduce dark age spots. Always follow the instructions on the use of topical medications.

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Step 3 Talk to your doctor about cryotherapy. Often in clinics offer this option, to improve the appearance of age spots. The use of liquid nitrogen can effectively destroy melanin of the skin causes the formation of brown spots.

Step 4 Sign up for a chemical peeling. In the chemical peeling, using an acid, superficial layer of the skin removed. When a new skin, not enough melanin clumps, to cause the appearance of age spots.

Step 5 Lentigo fades with dermabrasion. Dembraziya, as well as chemical peels, removes the superficial layer of the skin. But the acid was used instead of the rotating brush, leaving a controlled wound. The new skin lacks melanin and appear brown spots.

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Step 6 Walk laser therapy. When using laser therapy decomposes melanin, resulting in brown spots disappear. dark spots to completely remove the skin it is necessary to go through several procedures.

Tips & Warnings how to safely remove age spots

We recommend to take measures to prevent the appearance of age spots on the skin. It should be applied to the skin sunscreen, wear a hat from the sun between 10 morning and 4 evening

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