We grow an avocado from a stone – Tips for growing avocados

We grow an avocado from a stone

Grow your own avocado tree is very fun, and enjoy the fruits of their labor – bliss.
Avocado belongs to the family of flowering plants. It is also known as the Alligator Pear in both English and Spanish. Aztecs, called because avocados for their shape.

Information about the avocado tree

Avocado tree found in South and Central America and Mexico. It grows in places, as California, Florida, Hawaii and Gulf Coast, where the climate is mostly, mild during the winter. The tree grows rapidly and can reach 60 to 80 feet tall. Dense and evergreen tree, and shed their leaves in early spring. Avocado flowers appear and bloom from January to March, buds on 200 to 300 small yellow-green flowers. Avocados are expensive, but very nutritious. They are either ovoid or pear-shaped, from bright green to greenish-brown on the outside. To enjoy the harvest of nutritious fruits can only know the characteristics of the growth and care of avocado

Growing an avocado tree

For, to grow avocado tree from seed needed by 5 to 13 years, that it bloomed and become fertile, are rarely good enough and tasty. Fruit trees, grown from seed are rarely tasty. You can take an avocado tree from any plant nursery. Below are simple steps, to be taken, to grow a tree:

The seeds germinated with simple forms of hydroponics, which uses the water instead of soil. Cut ripe avocado so, so as not to injure the pit located in the center, and remove it from avocado. Wash the bone gently under running water and remove all the flesh of the avocado around it. Do not use detergent to wash the bones. Add the water in a small glass container and place the avocado pit so, to its blunt end touches the water. You can use a toothpick to support bone, when, If the base of your container too wide. Bone should be only half submerged.

Place a container near a well-lit window, Sunlight is essential for roots sprouting avocado and growth process. The water level should be maintained at all times, it should be free from all contaminants, such as mold, bacteria, etc.. Ground bone avocado must always be half-immersed in water, because with moisture begin germination process. Roots sprout from 3 to 6 weeks. When the roots have grown six or seven inches in height, cut them up to three inches. Your avocado tree is ready for transplant into a pot.

Tree avocado loves the sun, but also grows well in partial shade. Tree roots are powerful and can damage the development of most plants, grown nearby;. Shadow under the tree is very dense, and leaves, that fall from it slowly decompose. In this way, planting a tree requires forethought and planning.

It can be installed in the container with the ground. The soil should be loose and well drained. Avocados are tolerant to acid and alkaline soil. Bone Avocado should be half in the soil, so that the upper half of the bone could be seen above the soil surface. This ensures, seedlings that can not be decomposed in the soil.

The soil should be kept moist. Yellowing of the leaves indicates excessive watering, tree will rot and die. You can fertilize with liquid manure or composite fertilizers after one year of growth, four times a year. Wood needs protecting from frost, first 2-3 year of growth. Once the conditions have been created, tree grows quite well. It is prone to the appearance of ticks and Brown six-spotted mite, are output using powdered sulfur.

Grow a tree is easy and it can give its first results through 5 – 6 years. And you can enjoy these delicious and nutritious fruit Avocado.

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